bounce is how keeners get out of bed

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Bounced out of bed at 7:30. bounce is how keeners get out of bed
  • Walked from 6th floor to 33rd floor. Good warm up. Rowed 30 minutes. Took the elevator down. not keen to get knee surgery
  • Ate oatmeal + shrimp dumpling + bitter veggie while reviewing this week’s calendar. feeling good about the weekend because I reserved hotel/bike two weeks ago
  • Drank coffee while admiring Alessandra Ambrosiome thinks checking out Victoria’s Secret models is a keen way to start the day >.<
  • Shower. Moisturize. Spent 30 seconds thinking about black skinny pants versus gray wide-legged pants. Throw orange and lunch box into bag. mum made tofu and purple rice for me
  • Walked to work. Distance from the Esplanade to Bloor is perfect for prepping oneself to respond to emails claiming that my concerns regarding liquidity risk is killing product innovation.
  • Working late because S plays soccer on Monday nights. Munched on sushi from Longo’s while pondering over Le Pen, Marine Le Pen. Kashi bar for dessert. Cherry dark chocolate Kashi bar is a dream. Reminds me of cherry dark chocolate bread in France.
  • Walked home while listening to podcasts. Was not impressed. does anyone make podcasts for keeners?
  • Rid kitchen counter of butter chicken stain while S washed his soccer jersey.
  • Asked S what he wants for lunch tomorrow. pasta with extra lean ground beef and orange pepper in butter chicken sauce, which I made on Saturday morning
  • Asked S what he wants for dinner tomorrow. riblet soup with sweet potato, potato and carrot, which he made last week
  • Sipped a glass of Cabernet Franc before bed. In Argentina, dinner is very late, so I got used to drinking before bed. me thinks a glass of wine is a keen way to end the day >.<

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