from neverland to everland

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

A month ago, Denise and I had dinner at hiro sushi. A week ago, Benise (Benny+Denise), S and I went sailing. Yesterday, Denise, Stephen and I celebrated Stephen’s bday at tutti matti. (My favorite summerlicious menu.) I can’t help but notice that Denise has changed since her engagement. She has found her place in the universe and she wants to help others find theirs.

For me, relationships are not about finding my place in the universe. Here is my old lavalife profile.

I’m hoping to find a team mate for the next Amazing Race.

1. Lived in China (Beijing, Shanghai), Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto, Waterloo) and US (New York, Chicago)
2. Good at dashing around in airports (I used to work in consulting)
3. Willing to eat anything (Although I prefer sushi)

1. ?
2. ?
3. Feeling lucky!

Now that I have decided that relationships are not about living in a different city every two years, I think relationships are about self improvement. Like everything else in life.

photo: color me katie

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