slacker saturdays

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Saturdays are for slacking.

We used to go out for brunch. petit dej and hibiscus cafe are our favorites. Now we do brunch at home. I made pancakes. Topped with S’s tomatoes.

We give each other massages. S’s spots are lower back and hands. We hop into Europe Bound. Peruse Lonely Planet cycling guides. We meander around St Lawrence Market. Prosciutto-wrapped goat cheese. Smoked bison. Arctic char because I’m tired of salmon.

After lunch, I read magazines in bed. This week, I’m reading more intelligent life, the quarterly lifestyle and culture magazine from the economist. I found the pieces on China and Cuba less than inspiring. I do like the one on Kathryn Gustafson. When I visited London, the Dianna memorial fountain was closed off. Now I know why. Back in Chicago, I loved lurie garden. The next time I visit DC, I want to lunch in the kogod courtyard.

Some people slack harder than others. S kicked me out of bed so that he can chase dust bunnies.

After dinner, we wanted to grab coffee at sense appeal and attend open screening under the stars. However, sense appeal closed earlier than expected and open screening was canceled. So we toured 401 Richmond West. I love touring buildings after hours. The building keeper walked around us in circles, accompanied by his staticky ratio. We studied the art. Peered into a store that sold lego fallingwater. Jumped up and down to make the floorboards sing.



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