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Stephen (INTP): Sari is INTJ. One letter makes a big difference.

Wendy (ENTJ): S is ISFP.

Stephen: Are you sure he’s S?

Wendy: He doesn’t believe in personality types.

Stephen: Okay, he’s S.


When Jenny and I used to have relationships discussions, she would always talk about attraction versus compatibility. Now I understand what she meant. Or the lack thereof.

ISFP + ENTJ compatibility: Unfortunately this MBTI match in many cases is not the most ideal one. ISFPs as a personality are extremely sensitive to conflict and criticism and the ENTJ is naturally a confrontational type, not at all afraid of conflict. ENTJs might even see conflict as a generally positive and productive thing so they are going to have a hard time giving it up; that is if it’s even possible for them to give up conflict.


Compatibility is not possible for ENTJ. Might as well focus on self-development!

ENTJ + ENTJ relationships: With two extroverts in a relationship, especially two ENTJs, a struggle for dominance might take place and seeing as not many ENTJs like to compromise, this might be a deal breaker for two dominant individuals. The result of these relationships is usually self-development, because relationships between two identical types can help you to look at your own abilities and disabilities from a different angle. And is there anything better for an ENTJ than self-development?


365 grateful project (count=4)

September 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

I stumbled upon the 365 grateful project. Now I’m going to start my own.

  • After I told my mum that the relationship ended, she was worried. She called Steven. He told her that I will be okay.
  • After I told Denise that the relationship ended, she said that I don’t have to go to her wedding if it’s too emotional. Of course I’m still going to her wedding! Since I no longer have a ride, Stephen is picking me up.
  • After I told my manager that the relationship ended and I may cancel my conference trip to Asia, she said to take my time.
  • On one of my more moody days, I was not able to find Spadina. I said: I’m wandering. Ah-Dur said: Not all who wander are lost.

not enough

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On August 22, 2011, he dropped me off at work and told me that he will not leave me. Even though his parents told him that it’s a mistake. That he will be unhappy. I wrote the entry below. Thinking that the battle had ended. It had just begun.

He moved out.

I can make a big list of things that are wrong with him. I can make an even bigger list of things that are wrong with me. People don’t break up because they are not perfect. For each other. They break up because they don’t love each other. Enough.


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