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September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

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Stephen (INTP): Sari is INTJ. One letter makes a big difference.

Wendy (ENTJ): S is ISFP.

Stephen: Are you sure he’s S?

Wendy: He doesn’t believe in personality types.

Stephen: Okay, he’s S.


When Jenny and I used to have relationships discussions, she would always talk about attraction versus compatibility. Now I understand what she meant. Or the lack thereof.

ISFP + ENTJ compatibility: Unfortunately this MBTI match in many cases is not the most ideal one. ISFPs as a personality are extremely sensitive to conflict and criticism and the ENTJ is naturally a confrontational type, not at all afraid of conflict. ENTJs might even see conflict as a generally positive and productive thing so they are going to have a hard time giving it up; that is if it’s even possible for them to give up conflict.


Compatibility is not possible for ENTJ. Might as well focus on self-development!

ENTJ + ENTJ relationships: With two extroverts in a relationship, especially two ENTJs, a struggle for dominance might take place and seeing as not many ENTJs like to compromise, this might be a deal breaker for two dominant individuals. The result of these relationships is usually self-development, because relationships between two identical types can help you to look at your own abilities and disabilities from a different angle. And is there anything better for an ENTJ than self-development?



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