365 grateful project (count=7)

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Sometimes, people seem to helicopter into my life to deliver insight. Qing dropped by Toronto and told me stories about a girl he dated after he returned to Guang Zhou. A girl like me. She sounds crazy. But maybe not as crazy as me. Expecting the other person to have their own life and then to uproot it for me.
  • S delivered a CD with all my photos. I’m putting everything away. My favorite card: “To a bunny who is always looking for a bigger rock to climb … you pick the rock and we will climb it. Even if it takes three days.” It was never going to happen. But I appreciate the thought.
  • Went to nuit blanche on a date that lasted until 3:30 am. Tried to explain my issues (e.g. a lack of empathy). He asked if I’m a psychopath (wikipedia: a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy). I said that I don’t think so but there are lots of things I need to work on and I don’t know where to begin. He said that’s why he is working on improving his 5k time.


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