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  • “L’enfance trouve son paradis dans l’instant. Elle ne demande pas du bonheur. Elle est le bonheur” = “Childhood finds paradise in the moment. It does not demand happiness. It is happiness.”
  • Last week’s modern love essay: My mother would probably say that love transcends the zeitgeist. She does not see her experience as part of a cultural trend; it was just the way things happened for her. “I guess it was a different time,” she said when I explained some of the modern complexities we face. “But people are people, so how hard could it be?”

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  • Jessica made delish cookies!
  • “It’s not uncommon in grade school for each student to be assigned a class job that rotates every week, but some of the jobs in Claudine’s kindergarten class have been a bit unusual. See her up there at a recent field trip to the park to sketch some trees? She’s the class comforter.”
  • “In 1995’s Before Sunrise a very young Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy spent a long, meandering, romantic night together in Vienna. In the 2004 follow-up, Before Sunset, an older, more jaded Hawke and Delpy spent a long, meandering day together in Paris, still crazy and tortured about each other after all these years. Now it looks like the third film might be on the way.”


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I saw it. I loved it. Also love this review:

“Melancholia” is a story in two sections, about two sisters and two planets. The sisters are Justine (Dunst) and Claire (Gainsbourg), whose names are also given to the film’s sections.

Trier plays with our expectations for these actresses: Justine, played by a Hollywood star, is the blonde and conventionally beautiful one, marrying a fittingly handsome guy (Alexander Skarsgård) at her brother-in-law’s ostentatious country estate. But instead of being normal and well-adjusted, she is battling a crippling depression and keeps trying to escape from the whole wedding and from Skarsgård’s character, who’s totally out of his depth and has no idea how to reach her. In perhaps the most bitterly comic scene of “Justine” (and there are many), he shows her a snapshot of the apple orchard he has bought for her, that he hopes will make her happy. He has the best possible intentions, but you can feel her visibly recoiling from him as the seconds pass: I married this guy! And he has no idea who I am! When she gets up to go, she leaves the crumpled picture on the sofa.

It’s Claire, played by an eccentric art-house brunette, who is the conventional one trying to hold the wedding together as it disintegrates into hostility and pathology. She makes meat loaf, something I’m not too sure Charlotte Gainsbourg does in real life. She’s married to a rich man (Kiefer Sutherland, as always awesome at playing an intolerable asshole) who owns the Swedish castle where the wedding takes place, and is inordinately fond of its 18-hole golf course. (We also see the 19th hole a couple of times, which at many golf clubs is a euphemism for the bar, and here is –what, exactly? A joke? A symbol of apocalypse?)

“Claire” is harder to watch because we know how it’s going to end, but then, we know how our lives will end and that doesn’t stop us from wanting to live them.

It’s about facing life and death and mental illness with as much courage and love as you could muster, and what could be more grand and romantic than that?

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photo from thesartorialist.com

  • Loving all the pretty photographers series from the Sartorialist.
  • Tanya is back. Maybe permanently. We went for a random walk on Sunday afternoon. Maybe we will every Sunday. Dreaming about moving to Guatemala and starting our own trekking company.
  • On days like these, I think “An eternity of leaves from Beckett’s two bare trees in the middle of the room.” (Anne Michaels in Winter Vault)

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April 11, 2011: Feeling blah because I’m apparently responsible for making a quarterly dashboard. Carlos, who used to work in Product Risk Management, once rapped about reconciliation. Now I know why.

& July 25, 2011: The dashboard is a team effort (Faisel + Fei + me) and team effort is more fun.

& This quarter: Fei did all the heavy lifting.

+ Lars von Trier retrospective coming to TIFF Lightbox (yes, including the release of Melancholia)

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  • Air Canada refunded the plane tickets. Yes, I’m good at telling sob stories.
  • Read November Vogue on Slacker Saturday. Have I mentioned that I love Rachel Sterne? I don’t think most real people (i.e. non models) look good in prints featuring three primary colors. She looks amazing.
  • Denise and I are going to try Pilates.
  • Manager informed me that I must take 7.5 days of vacation before end of the year because I can only carry forward 10 days. I’m taking 5.5 days to visit southern Cali with mum + dad over the holidays. Forced to take 2 more days. Oh no! What shall I do!
  • morresi fruit grows the best tangerines. The orchard is in San Pedro, not far from Buenos Aires.
  • Starting with any positive integer, replace the number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process. Those numbers for which this process ends in 1 are happy numbers. 1 is a happy number.

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