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+Found a cool gift to give

+The Story: An Outdoor Movable Play at Brickworks preceded by wandering through the forest in the not-quite-dark


biking oshawa >>> guildwood

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During the ten days following wisdom teeth removal, I basically sat on my butt and ate mushy food. Now I’m back to kicking butt and eating everything. Believe it or not, I miss exercising as much as eating real food.

On Wednesday, we spent 50 minutes in the condo gym and 15 minutes in the condo hot tub. While on the elliptical, I read about a new fitness trend: aerial dance. I saw Malaria Lullaby last weekend and was super impressed; not only the strength of the dancers but also the imagery.

On Friday, I ate roasted salmon sandwich from Montreal Bread Co for lunch and sticky rice potato pancake and bibimbap at Ka Chi for dinner. Maybe the recent stock market decline had a psychological impact on me but I can’t believe roasted salmon sandwich is ten bucks. Thank goodness for cheap Asian food.

[Interlude: When I made my first financial plan in 2007, I decided that I never want my public equity exposure to exceed 30% of my net worth. My thinking is that 30% decline in public equity is not unlikely and I’m comfortable with 9% decline in net worth. Recently, I was wondering if this 30% threshold should include my exposure to Manulife. I haven’t decided but, in the mean time, I’m speeding up my mortgage payments as much as possible and hopping into ING savings account.

I’m not endorsing ING. I would never put more than 100,000 in any institution. But ING allows you to do everything online. And they understand bunnies.]

On (non-slacker) Saturday, we took the Go from Union to Oshawa, biked to Guildwood following waterfront trail (55 km because we got sidetracked a few times) and took the Go from Guildwood to Union. Despite the industrial areas, the scenery was great.

After dinner, we took the ferry to Ward Island, satisfied our sweet tooth and enjoyed Hansel and Gretel. No, we didn’t eat Hansel and Gretel; S had praline ice cream and I had affogato (espresso + ice cream = keen) from Island Cafe. S is jealous of the cafe’s veggie garden. In the photo above, Freud is talking to the minstrels. No, Freud didn’t eat Hansel and Gretel either. In the photo below, S is playing the role of a telemarketer. Usually, they invite kids to participate but they asked S. He must look like a kid.

On the ferry back, we hummed Mack the Knife.

buenos aires

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S and I saw the aleph at soulpepper. His parents’ favorite theater in Toronto. Diego Matamoros is amazing!!! “Just a man in just a chair”!!!

Borges of course reminds me of buenos aires. This city knows history. This city knows facebook.

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